Messy Play Monday

Every week I take B to a lovely sensory babies class. It is really fun, there’s so much going on and it appeals to all the senses. Sometimes, because there is so much going on, B find it a little overwhelming. If this happens we will sit back and watch for a while. It’s often the messy play that B finds too much as she’s busy trying to watch everything going on. This has encouraged me to implement more messy play at home. I’d like to share weekly what B and I have been up as it’s always fun to have more messy play ideas! 

Coloured Spaghetti 

I’ve cooked a batch of spaghetti, cooled it under cold water and added a little oil to stop it sticking together. I’ve then added food colouring. Its actually supposed to be blue and red but the blue came out a murky green. I allowed it to dry a little as this helps to stop any colour attaching to little hands! 

The spaghetti went into our messy play tray and I put B in an old vest (just in case). She had a great time dragging the spaghetti over her legs, flinging it about and er eating it… 

Rice Play

This is probably the simplest messy play activity to do. All I’ve used is a bag of cheap rice and two egg cups. It is a great activity to do before going out as the rice just brushes off, aside from some hoovering there is no cleaning up to do. It can also be left in the corner of the room so baby can explore it whenever they like through the day. 

B liked the sound the rice made as it dropped to the tray and using the egg cups to throw it about. 

We would normally have done more messy play this week but B has been so ill with a horrible cold that we haven’t had the time. This will have to do for this week! We didn’t even make it to our group. More messy play next week! 😊

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