Sensory Sunday

It’s such a dull rainy here and poor B has a horrible cold so I thought I’d inject some color and cheerfulness into the day and bring out the rainbow toys. As you can see B was keen to get started! 

The alphabet crocodile was a charity shop find so I’m unsure of the make. It’s gorgeous though and looks amazing on a shelf. We use it to sing the alphabet and B loves to pull it apart. 

The color beads toy is the Grimms rainbow beads grasper. This is such a lovely toy for a baby. The beads are all connected by elastic and it moves beautifully. I really enjoy playing with this never mind B! B likes to wave it around and listen to the noise it makes. 

The rainbow hand kite is a bracelet of mine with some strands of ribbon tied to it. A very simple and cheap toy to make. It’s lovely to wave around and watch the ribbons flitter about. 

The necklace is from Fiddlebeads. It’s absolutely gorgeous and comes everywhere with us. It provides B something to play with aside from my hair while feeding. It has also provented many Nappy change meltdowns while out and about as I can quickly whip it off my neck and give it to her. The elephant provides a lovely teether for when her teeth are playing up.

The xylophone is from Sainsburys. I bought it during their baby event so it was a real bargain. I did wonder if it was a bit old for B but she loves it! She tries to copy me playing it and will spend ages just banging the stick against it. 

The Pom Pom jar is one of the discovery jars I made for B. You can find details of it and ideas for other discovery bottles here.

They did seem to cheer B up, at least for a little while. They provided some much needed colour! I hope you had a nice weekend. 😊

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